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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" report rear hell solomon is live in fairmount and she has been, following the preparations all day, rahel. >> reporter: if you have been anywhere near the the parkway lately you know we are a couple days away, the streets have been cleared and hotels told me they are almost sold out. the city of philadelphia is quite literally a buzz. and in antis of the pope francis arrival saturday, p pa began clearing streets of the cars and secure area sunday evening. by monday, about 120 cars have been towed. the big event started with the ben franklin parkway from the art museum extending east to 12th street. monday morning, cars had to be moved from north and south of the parkway, area expand east of 12th street to third street by 6:00 p.m. tuesday. and then wednesday morning. designated emergency routes will be cleared of parked cars. >> you will have hundreds of thousands office people on the
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street, and mixing all of those pedestrians with vehicles driving up and down the street is not a good combination. >> reporter: elsewhere around the city 3300 portable potties arrived by monday and late this afternoon, spokesmen with the greater hotel association told me that area hotels are nearly sold out. about 90 percent of rooms booked. but for those who are staying inside their homes downtown, the the excitement is also met with frustration. >> city could have done a better job communicating with the residents that live here. we're right in the thick of it here and we will be displaced. >> reporter: while we won't see any parked cars, all eyes will be on the enormous stage where pope francis will be delivering his much anticipated papal mass on sunday. nearly concluding an event nearly a year in the works. okay. but back to the cars, people still, because still have questions about it. if you come outside and your car is not there, it has likely been towed by p pa. if you are looking to find it
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call 215686 snow and you will likely be hit with a $76 fine. reporting live rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thanks very much. on sunday morning pope francis will travel to what he calls the the peripheries, he will meet men and women imprison at curran-fromhold prison complex on state road in the northeast. today, in an "eyewitness news" exclusive our pat ciarrocchi traveled to the women's prison where she met would the men who will meet the pope. >> i actually did a count down this morning. we have seven days. >> reporter: seven days, until an encounter with pope francis. >> i have never met a religious person of such, of such stature. >> one thing would i like to ask the the pope is why do they not get married. >> reporter: r ruth, amanda, and chanise will be among the prisoners who will meet pope francis sunday morning at curran-fromhold. >> not every day do we get people to come in here and to
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actually give us encouragement and hope. >> reporter: for pope francis, hope is the point where bashed wire telegraphs the the forced isolation. i found women eager to learn more about pope francis. >> how come he is always in white. >> that is color that the pope wears all the time. >> reporter: they were also opened in sharing their pain. >> lady screams at me. she was like i know you are a murderer. i was just like she might have been a little bit off. but it is embarrassing. >> reporter: amanda who has been in prison for five years is charged with murder. her trial is tentatively set for october. i first met amanda early this summer when prison ministry soup shining light came to perform in river site correctional institute drawing women into a circle of hope. >> i have never met anyone that didn't seem like they didn't have any kind of judgment in the back of their mind about being us being here so that is ground breaking.
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>> reporter: ruth counts down too. she's inside one year and 16 days. she had been drug addict. >> you are sober, clean. >> definitely. i love it. >> come asking for blessings, i don't have much, you know. >> reporter: except this humble offering. >> ♪ take me to the kings, i don't have much to bring, my hearties falling to pieces, it the is my offering ♪. >> reporter: well, many inmate will be joined by their families when the the pope comes to wrist it sunday morning at 11:00. ruth's mother is coming and so is amanda's 11 year-old son. at riverside they all hang on to hope. amanda said without it, she would die. we will broadcast live that prison visit as part of our papal coverage all weekend, in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a special moment, pat,
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thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" in this final stretch as we count down to saturday's arrival of the pope francis. we will of course have updates for you as we inch closer to this historic event. also tonight, flames surround a gas station in south jersey after a car catches fire. we are told there were no injuries. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco in mount laurel right now, diana? >> reporter: ukee, there were some very chaotic and quite frankly frantic moments outside this station just before noon time today when a koran fire along route 73, pulls right up to this gas pump. you can see the charred mess, that was left behind, even one of the pumps caught fire and was severely damage, as you said, no one was hurt and tonight the owner of this gas station is crediting that to the help of the two good samaritans. >> more fire and more fire. >> reporter: scare moments in the mount laurel gas pump 11:00 a.m. monday when a
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smoking car pulls in the station and then catches fire. cell phone video shows what happens next. black smoke filling the station and then the car eruptness to flames. workers and station owner scramble for putting the fire out emptying every extinguisher that they have. finally the the owner hit the the emergency gas turn off, one of the pumps caught fire and that is when two good samaritans trying by stepped in and jumped in to the car, moving it away from the gas pump in a race against time. owner says he had just had a delivery of 15,000 gallons and was worried about the pumps underground igniting. >> i was over here telling everyone to turn off the pump, turn off the pump. in one knew how. >> my gosh this could blow at any minute. it is just people safety. you want to make sure everything is out of there. as soon as i realized the car wouldn't movie got out of there so i didn't harm myself. everybody was definitely out of the way there was in lives in jeopardy but just to be sure if this blew, anybody
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around this area it could have been bad. >> reporter: we spoke with the owner a few minutes ago. he said he thanked god that no one was hurt here and then afterward he profusely thanked those two good smart tans. he said without them he is not sure what might have happened. he even had advice for people whose car in may be in similar situations, smoking on the side of the highway, he said do not pull up to a gas pump. we are live from mount laurel tonight i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. defiant kathleen kane vow toss serve out her term as pennsylvania's attorney general as she fights criminal charges. now she will to have do it without a law license. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in center city with more on the today's ruling by the state supreme court, walt. >> reporter: jessica, the the court ruling doesn't require kane to leave office, kane vows she's staying but that may not be the last war. it is believed some in the legislator are considering a move for impeachment to get
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her out of office. hours after kathleen kane learned her license to practice law had been temporarily suspended by this order from the pennsylvania supreme court she made it clear that she would not be resigning from her office: her e mailed statement reading i'm disappointed by action taken by supreme court to day i continue to maintain my nosens and plan to keep fight to go clear my name while serving out the rest of my term in office. >> kathleen kane says if she leaves, if she resigns or taking a temporary leave of absence it might be construed as an admission of guilt. >> reporter: kane faces perjury and on trucks for allegedly leaking confidential grand jury material and then lying about it. the court, in its unanimous ruling stating that this order should not be construed as removing kane from elect office and is limited to the temporary suspension of her license to practice law.
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but with the state constitution apparently requiring the attorney general to be a licensed lawyer, can she stay in office. >> does the post attorney jena zoom that the person charged has to be an attorney? >> reporter: that is a question that remains to be answered. >> remains to be answered. >> reporter: ultimately decision on whether kane stays or goes could wind up in the hand of the legislature, where a move to seek her impeachment could becoming. and finally kane in her response to the ruling, indicated that in response to right to know law requests, she would be releasing a additional e the males from her office. no word on the topic of those e-mails, or who may have written them. live from center city i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. we will continue to bring you the latest on this case, stay with "eyewitness news" both on tv and on line at cbs you have to go back a long way to find a regular season
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loss that hurts as much as this one. bird beaten by a cowboys team that replied poorly themselves. >> sports director don bellies here. thinks a rough monday. >> tough for so many reasons because it is hard to pinpoint exactly why they were so bad. plenty of blame to go around. 1961 that year dwight howard severed u.s. relations with cuba in that same year eagles rushed for negative 12-yard against the redskins. horrible performance, only rivaled by yesterday's output a against the cowboys eagles rushed 17 times for only 7-yard but misery moves company. sam bradford threw two interceptions, one in the end zone. at half time eagles had just 11th down. they would lose to the hated cowboys, 20-ten. today chip kelly stepped to the mike with the blunt assessment of the struggling football team. >> that is not how we're supposed to play football. that the is not what we're all about. we didn't play well yesterday.
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it was embarrassing how we played yesterday this game could turn our season around, if we beat cowboys in philadelphia, with dez bryant out, it was a golden opportunity and to come out and play like that, in addition to not playing well from a skills standpoint, there was no passion. >> later in sports we will explain why the lack of a running game has eagles, ability to pass in yep difficult as well. i realize dwight howard like basketball player, a lot of them say dwight eisenhower. >> my bad. >> cowboys fans aren't feeling that great even though they have a win, romo out with the collar bone. he is done. >> they have their issues too. >> they have that w. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy, we appreciate it. they might have been beat up on the felt but bringing smiles to children's facees today. still to come, where several eagles players were brightening spirits of the young patients. speaking of patients
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accounts imagine seeing a there without leaving your home, high tech solution one local happies coming up with, for the papal visit, kate. last weekend of summer was in the 80's both days, today we are back in the 60's, cloud and a couple of showers, it feels like fall but temperatures will be up a and down this week. i'll tell you when they go up and down in time for pope's vice it this weekend all coming up with the seven day when we come right back.
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some players spending their day off giving back to the the community. >> "eyewitness news" at children's hospital of philadelphia. jordan matthews an marcus smith, and when i logan visited patients as part of the eagles cares community monday. the players talked to their little will fans, sign autographs, pose for pictures, good day for everybody. >> so good to see that. cbs-3 healthwatch much of the region will be in grid lock with the upcoming papal visit. >> what happens if you have a medical emergency, you cannot get to the hospital, health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the solution from jefferson hospital. thinks a virtual doctor's
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visit. >> just in the nick of time, right? for life threatening problems and accidents, ambulances will be operating during the pope's visit. but for less serious concerns you can now see a jefferson emergency doctor on the phone computer. new app providing on demand virtual vice is. do you feel sick at all. >> no. >> reporter: emergency department visit like you have never seen before. >> are you having any problems with any headaches. >> reporter: six year-old maxwell baron hit his head playing football. it didn't seem very serious but his parent wanted to check with his doctor. >> i didn't want to go in the emergency room, and, you know, make a big deal, this and that, and then just wait there for hours. >> reporter: now jefferson university hospital has a new app that connects you to an emergency physician in minutes, called jeff connect. >> it is a simple concept. it is all about letting patients see doctorate when and where they want to see the credit so they don't have to travel downtown which is important this week. >> reporter: doctor judd, head
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of the jefferson's strategic health initiative says new app is being launched earl toy help people who might be stranded because of the pope's visit. >> unfortunately if you don't have a major emergency you will not be able to get into see your provider. >> reporter: with the virtual visit just like those in person, there are a lot of questions and hand free doctor's exam. here max is asked to move his eyes in certain directions, things that would diagnosis a concussion. >> with 85 percent of the visits we can resolve on the phone, most of the rest can see their primary care provider the next day and one to 4 percent need to go to an emergency department. we can make it more convenient for patients. >> reporter: emergency physician determined max didn't have a concussion. >> what do you think about this technology. >> i think it is great. obviously that was a lot quicker and easier then trying to call and schedule an appointment and trying to get a sick day. >> reporter: virtual visit cost $49 and can be done on a smart phone or a computer. we will have more information on cbs on
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health where you can get that app. i will also post it on my facebook and twitter feed. thinks a good thing to be happening now because you know, lot of people will not be able to get around when the pope is here and if you have a concern, you call up. >> that is amazing smart phone that practically everyone does. it sound easy. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. >> kate joins us with our forecast, talking about the papal visit, weekend, yeah. it looks okay. >> it looks okay. >> it doesn't look like the most sunny papal weekend but better that it is on the cool side. so many people out and b you wouldn't want to be sweltering like pope was doing in cuba outside to day it will be comfortable a lot like today but before we get to that we have got a little spike in the term ter as well and that comes as the start of the fall on wednesday. lets get in to it. let go outside to start off and we will start off with some sun on and off and then the clouds rolled in. and cloud bringing in some cooler eras well. we have a cool north east wind. most of the rain we have been
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seeing on storm scan three has not been hitting the ground. a few drops here and there here's a look from the other direction looking toward center sit friday palmyra, new jersey. it the is very glummy, gray outside, same store which those how clouds at kutztown area middle school where it is only 67 degrees at the moment. temperatures will warm up before they cool down again in time to welcome pope francis. we are showing a few showers over the state college area. that has dropped temperature at state college pennsylvania to about 55 degrees right now. for us showers are few and far between, few sprinkles, watching this area near d.c. and baltimore. it could bring us a couple more steady showers this he can but for the most part everything is very sporadic and isolated. temperatures right now on the cool side but been a while since we have seen this 67 in philadelphia 65 in allentown. just 57 in mount pocono. all thanks to the northeast wind, you can see our wind bars denoting where wind is coming from cool marine flow
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moving in. thinks predominant wind flow they have in places like seattle, san francisco, places like london that marine flow. we will get dominant prevailing westerly wind so in the often we tap in the northeast flow. when we do it drops temperatures quite a bit. 11 degrees from this time yesterday. you can see across northeast temps have plumeted. as we head into tomorrow, cloud will hang on. then the cloud will move on out and high pressure starts to mess from the north and west, just in time for wednesday the first day of fall. talk quickly about sunset. we will set sun at 7:00 tonight but then in the 6:00 o'clock hour by november 1st, 4:59 p.m. will be our sunset time. things are changing quickly. the lets take a quick look at tropical storm id a. it looks like a spider here. it is not going anywhere. we do not have to worry about it. overnight in the city of philadelphia it is cool, mostly cloudy, sprinkle, 59 degrees. the lets go down the shore for next few days in the bad at all, cloudy, breezy, cool, and
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then much nicer wednesday. your forecast cool, some cloud, but for right new we are keeping it dry with temperatures in the 70's. quick peak at the seven day forecast you can see temps go up and down in time to welcome pope francis in the lower 07's this coming weekend. we will be right back stay righ
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tonight demarrow murray had nfl railroaded would eight straight games with hundred yard rushing. if he runs at his current pace he won't reach 100-yard for the entire season. he has only 11 through two games. now that is not all his fault, eagles are losing as a team. offensive line is struggling includingal's barber and andrew gardener no luck run and in luck throwing the ball down the field. sam bradford had 224-yard but mostly in garbage yard against
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cowboys. chip kelly which explain rest. >> it goes hand and hand. when you run the football well, you need to pick people from deep and bring them closer to the line of scrimmage. now you have an opportunity to throw the ball overtop. we haven't had the opportunity to throw the ball over the top because we have not established the running game and blocked well against 4/2 box is what we are seeing right now. it doesn't get any worse than that on offense. >> i'm embarrassed with myself and where we are right now. i guarantee you we will come together and get stuff fixed this week is pivotal for our season. >> speaking of this week, things don't get any easier for offense. the up next drive up new jersey turnpike to hook up with the jets, defense men for taking prisoners. they were sixth in total defense last season and gave up ten points in last weeks win over the browns. >> we played well in the preseason and now, we didn't play well in the first half against atlanta we played well in the second half.
6:26 pm
we didn't play well at all against dallas. that team that played in the second half of at plant ace team we need to show up against the the jets. >> earlier i said last time that the eagles had as poor a game rushing as they did, yesterday, happened when dwight howard was the president, back in 1961. of course, our sports crew, they have a sense of humor. i bet dwight, you see the two side by side, both big men but eisenhower definitely a bigger figure and better relations. >> 5-foot ten. dwight howard is 6 feet ten. >> not so good with the lakers. eisenhower, yes. lakers. eisenhower, yes. >> we will be just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back here at cbs-3 at
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11:00. up next is the "cbs evening >> pelley: the world's largest carmaker admits it rigged 500,000 vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. a criminal investigation may be next. also tonight, on the eve of the pope's visit, thousands vow to follow his example of compassion. >> i felt so good, i knew it had to be the right thing to do. >> pelley: man who figured to be a top candidate has dropped out of the republican race. and actress viola davis makes history. >> you're talented but you've been in the game for 20, 30, 40 years, and we want the same opportunities. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight we have learned that the department of justice is opening a criminal investigation into a scheme by th


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